The Legacy Farm..

Sheep Camp

An Alternative Agricultural Business

New Hampton IA our location click here

Everything to do with sheep, wool and working Border Collies.

Majacraft Spinning Wheels, Fleece Processing

Antique Sock Knitting  Machines and CSM Sales and Restoration

Felting,, RovingYarn, Hand Wovens and Supply

All Fiber Arts


Come and see sheep being sheared. Watch our demonstrations of :

1. Sheep to Yarn in 10 Minutes.” on Majacraft spinning wheels.  Come and learn to spin their Fleece and custom dye into beautiful designer yarn. 2. Or.... weave your hand spun yarn or purchased yarn into a beautiful rug on one of our floor looms. 3. Why not try “cranking” out a hand knitted sock on an antique sock knitting machines?      4.  Try a needle felting class or wet felting. 5. Or.....take the kids for a mini donkey cart ride? 

Watch “real sheepdogs” working livestock during our demonstration in the south pasture. Visit our “Spinners Heavenly Loft” in our century old barn for  luscious, soft fleeces in many colors.  We specialize in purebred, rare, Shetland Sheep and lustrous Border Leicester.  Visit the “Loomy Bin” gift shop for fine hand-wovens, “ewe-nique” felted and knitted items and our specialty, hand knitted socks.

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Sock Machines
Hand Woven Items
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Majacraft Spinning Wheel Dealer

Check out the new Aura our beautiful never seen before design.  Easy on the eyes to learn to spin true Art yarn with still  the great Majacraft action.

Now offering  Spinning Wheel Bags made by Majacraft for Majacraft.

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